Healing Salve for Pain

Healing Salve For Pain

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This unique pain relief alternative is for chronic conditions and provides quick and effective relief from long standing issues. A powerful formula that helps relieve old aches and pains and has been known to heal hernias as well as breakdown scar tissue.

We use Helichrysm essential oil which has similar properties as cortisone (with out the side effects) in that it is a major anti-inflammatory but is all natural as well as being an antihaematomal which activates white blood cells.

We use a base of a mixed nut blend consisting of cold pressed sweet almond oil, coconut ester, cold pressed Hawaiian kukui nut oil, canola, cold pressed olive oil, walnut and pecan oils, arnica oil, castor oil, cayenne oil, beeswax, tinctures of cannabis, and  benzoin with helichrysm essential oil.

  • 1 Fluid oz. glass jars sealed for your protection.
  • Apply topically to clean skin for relief as needed.
  • This is a non petroleum based alternative to aid healing.


Helichrysm essential oil has the same properties as cortisone and helps relieve old aches and pains with out side effects. Helichrysum helps break down scar tissue acting as a natural cortisone and has even been known to heal hernias.

Helichrysm has wonderful regenerating qualities and greatly helps with healing of scars, acne, dermatitis, stretch marks, boils and abscesses.

The main constituents are flavonoids, tannins, essential oil, resin and phytosterin, with the essential oil containing neryl acetate, nerol, geraniol, pinene, and linalool. The plant also contains isosalipurposide, naringenin, naringenin-5-O-diglucoside, helichrysum A, helichrysum B and glucosides of apigenin, luteolin, kaempferol and quercetin.


Cayenne, or Capsicum annuum (Latin), also known as hot pepper, chili pepper, paprika, and red pepper, is an effective remedy for muscular tension, rheumatism, and digestive ailments.

Capsaicin dulls pain sensations by interrupting the chemical messages sent to pain-sensing nerves. Capsaicin creams must be applied regularly in order to provide relief.

Capsicum is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It inhibits Substance P, which is associated with inflammation. Capsicum has some antioxidant effects, improving circulation, easing symptoms of psoriasis, and both may ease rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

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